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SPP became the first Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) to design, build, and bring a Day 2 market on time when the Integrated Marketplace became financially binding at midnight March 1, 2014. The Integrated Marketplace and its Day-Ahead Market, Real-Time Balancing Market, and Congestion Hedging Markets is projected to yield $131 million in additional net savings to SPP's region during its first year of operation (on top of $170 million in net savings from the previous market).

As an RTO, SPP is mandated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to ensure reliable supplies of power, adequate transmission infrastructure, and competitive wholesale prices of electricity. As a North American Electric Reliability Corporation Regional Entity, SPP oversees compliance enforcement and reliability standards development. SPP has members in 14 states. Read more About SPP, What We Do or SPP Fast Facts.

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Clean Power Plan Update

Southwest Power Pool held a webinar on Sept. 22 to review the EPA's Clean Power Plan. SPP stands ready to assist states to ensure a reliable, cost-effective approach to compliance. View webinar presentation  and membership of Clean Power Plan Task Force.

SPP launches Transmission Owner Selection Process

As one of the elements necessary to comply with FERC's Order 1000, SPP has developed a Transmission Owner Selection Process (TOSP) to allow competitive bidding on certain transmission projects. Transmission facilities that meet the criteria contained in Attachment Y, Section I.1 of the SPP Tariff and are approved for construction by the SPP Board of Directors after Jan. 1, 2015, are known as Competitive Upgrades. SPP will issue  Request for Proposals (RFPs) for Competitive Upgrades;  Qualified RFP Participants (QRP) may respond using the TOSP.

SPP's next QRP application process began April  1. Entities that have not already been accepted as QRPs must apply by June 30 for participation in 2016; existing QRPs must recertify by June 30.

SPP issued an RFP (SPP-RFP-00001) for the North Liberal - Walkemeyer 115 kV project to approved QRPs on May 5, 2015.

The Industry Expert Panel page is available as part of the TOSP. This page contains a link to the Industry Expert Candidate Application and application instructions.

The Detailed Project Proposal (DPP) page is also available as part of the TOSP. This page contains a link to the DPP Submittal Form and instructions for its use. 

  • 2016 ITPNT Auxiliary Files have been posted
  • 2016 ITPNT Models Utilized for Needs Assessment have been posted
  • 2017 ITP 10-Year Assessment (ITP10) and Regional Cost Allocation Review II (RCAR II) Powerflow Models have been posted
  • 2016 ITPNT Needs Assessment has been posted
  • 2016 ITPNT DPP Transmission Planning Response Window is open 12:00 a.m. (midnight) October 1, 2015, through 11:59 p.m. on October 30, 2015.
  • 2017 ITP10 Economic Model Pass 1 and 2017 ITP10 schedule dates have been posted

Send requests for additional information or your questions via SPP's Request Management System, or contact SPP Customer Relations.

Latest Company News

Western, Basin, Heartland join Southwest Power Pool {10/1/2015}

At midnight, Western Area Power Administration’s Upper Great Plains Region, Basin Electric Power Cooperative and Heartland Consumers Power District successfully transferred functional control of the integrated transmission system to Southwest Power Pool and began operating in the regional transmission organization. This was the final step in achieving full membership in the RTO. Read the full release.

Southwest Power Pool appoints Mark Bowling Director of Compliance and Security {8/17/2015}

Southwest Power Pool (SPP), a regional power grid operator that ensures access to reliable and affordable sources of electricity, has appointed Mark Bowling director of compliance and security. Read the full release.

Southwest Power Pool releases final analysis of draft Clean Power Plan {7/27/2015}

Southwest Power Pool (SPP), a regional power grid operator that ensures access to reliable sources of electricity at affordable rates, today released its final analysis of the potential impact of the Environmental Protection Agency’s draft Clean Power Plan. Click here to read the release. Click here to read the analysis.
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