About Us

The SPP mission: Working together to responsibly and economically keep the lights on today and in the future.

SPP is about more than power. We're about the power of relationships. We work together with our members and other stakeholders to ensure electricity is delivered reliably and affordably to the millions of people living in our multistate service territory.

SPP is a regional transmission organization (RTO): a nonprofit corporation mandated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to ensure reliable supplies of power, adequate transmission infrastructure and competitive wholesale electricity prices on behalf of its members.

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Our Member Value

SPP provides significant, measurable value to its members. The benefits of SPP’s services include reducing the number of required full-time equivalent staff, optimizing generation siting, regionally prioritizing transmission and running markets as a consolidated balancing authority.

The total savings and benefits achieved by SPP’s members in 2023 was $3.62 billion, compared to $185 million in net revenue requirement costs, a benefit-to-cost ratio of 20-to-1. Read a summary of our 2023 Member Value Statement (MVS) or learn more about the methodology of how we quantified our value for our 2023 MVS report.

For many members, their most significant investment in SPP is in new transmission. SPP’s success depends on a robust transmission infrastructure that is capable of transporting electricity from where it’s generated to where it’s most needed.

Between 2015 and 2019, SPP’s members placed $3.4 billion of new transmission projects in service, which will strengthen the reliability of our region, and result in more than $27.2 billion in benefits over the next 40 years: a benefit-cost ratio of 5.24. Learn more about The Value of Transmission.

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