Generator Interconnection

Effective January 2022, the SPP Generator Interconnection (GI) department, under the SPP Open Access Transmission Tariff's revised Attachment V, has implemented changes to augment the GI study queue backlog mitigation plan. Key changes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Study timeline changes to aid the GI study backlog mitigation plan
  • Additional site control requirements for GEN tie lines
  • New financial security and study deposit risks and readiness thresholds
  • Transition requirements under the newly revised SPP Tariff, Attachment V
  • Current Definitive Interconnection System Impact Study (DISIS) cluster window to remain ‘open’ until deemed sufficient in size (based on MW) to deem closure of the study window
  • Removal of decision point three (DP3)

The SPP generator interconnection queue process provides a means for generation planners and developers to submit new generation interconnection projects into the queue for validation, study, analysis and, ultimately, execution of a generator interconnection agreement. These webpages offer guidelines for generator interconnection requests to SPP's transmission system to help you with your generator interconnection requests.

SPP's GI study process is based on the Revised SPP Tariff Attachment V's "Generator Interconnection Procedure (GIP)", effective January 15, 2022, where the process is discussed in greater detail. This tariff also includes the Generator Interconnection Agreement (GIA).

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