Local Area Planning and High Priority Studies

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High Priority Studies

In accordance with Attachment O of the SPP Tariff, SPP conducts High Priority Studies (up to three per year) based on stakeholder requests. These studies assess the reliability and/or economic impacts for proposed changes in the transmission system.

High Priority Incremental Load Study Report
High Priority Incremental Load Study process documentation
Priority Projects Phase II Final Report
Transcanada Pipeline Study Report

Local Area Planning

Based on FERC Order 890 and Attachment O, local area planning meetings will be held quarterly in conjunction with Transmission Working Group meetings.

The purpose of the meetings is to have open, coordinated and transparent planning to ensure that stakeholders with local needs have the opportunity to provide advice and recommendations to the Transmission Provider and Transmission Owners. 

Please submit questions and written comments on the transmission-owner-specific local plans and criteria via RMS through the “ITP Submittal > Data Submittal” Quick Pick.