May 14, 2020

SPP COVID-19 Response Update - May 14, 2020

Stakeholders —

This week marks two months since we first implemented a work-from-home policy for most of our staff in response to the pandemic. I thank my team daily for continuing to provide every critical function despite the pandemic upending our way of work. I thank all of you who have worked with us and worked together to keep the lights on for millions of people across our region. Your continued engagement with us and with each other is the key to our success. We are continuing to move forward.

Since the week of April 26, our operations team is seeing an approximate 7-10% reduction in load across our system as compared to previous years with similar weather patterns. As we adjust to our changing reality, our revised forecasts continue to become more accurate, and as always, we are focusing on our top priority: reliability. We continue to plan for the future, work closely with you, protect the grid and adjust to changing needs in real time.

Once again, I am happy to report that we still have no confirmed cases of COVID-19 among our staff. A firm date has not yet been set for our phased return to the office, though we are developing plans for a conservative and effective transition. We’re taking into consideration guidance from local, state and federal health agencies; feedback we continue to receive from you, our stakeholders; and input from our staff.

As always, you can stay updated on our pandemic response at Please contact your customer relations representative or email with questions.

Take good care,

Barbara Sugg
SPP President & CEO

Derek Wingfield, 501-614-3394,