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The org report: May 2019

A monthly summary of organizational group activities.


April 30

The board of directors discussed SPP’s preparations to provide reliability coordination services in the Western Interconnection. That effort also has led to the opportunity to provide additional services in the west on a contract basis.

Tom Kent, Nebraska Public Power District’s vice president and chief operating officer, briefed attendees on the Holistic Integrated Tariff Team’s (HITT) work. SPP’s board tasked the HITT to develop recommendations for holistic improvements related to reliability, markets, transmission planning and cost-allocation methodologies for new transmission. The team is finalizing a report that contains 21 recommendations.

Keith Collins, executive director of the SPP Market Monitoring Unit (MMU), addressed the Integrated Marketplace’s performance in a summary of findings published in his group’s Annual State of the Market Report. The independent market monitor found SPP’s markets are competitive with low energy prices, and the addition of new generation continues to outpace generation retirements, even with a 6% load growth in 2018.

Paul Suskie, SPP’s general counsel and executive vice president of regulatory policy, reported SPP and other parties filed a request for rehearing April 1 with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regarding a recent remand order pertaining to Attachment Z2 of SPP’s tariff. Attachment Z2 defines the process by which SPP compensates transmission customers who pay for upgrades that others subsequently use. The remand order reversed a previously granted waiver that enabled SPP to invoice transmission service customers for credit payment obligations outside a one-year billing adjustment limitation for 2008-2016.

The board approved the January meeting minutes, nominations to the Human Resources Committee and Finance Committee, Model Development Working Group charter revisions, 2019 benefit plan funding, the 2018 financial audit report, RR 349 and RR 350. The group voted to approve the out-of-cycle request from Southwestern Public Service Company to re-evaluate notice to construct (NTC) #200333/200401 and issue an NTC withdrawal for the Lamb County project.


MOPC voted to approve 11 revision requests, a distributed energy resource policy white paper and the Market Working Group (MWG) proposed revision request impact assessment transparency. MOPC reviewed updates from the MWG, Regional Tariff Working Group (RTWG), Supply Advocacy Working Group (SAWG), Operating Reliability Working Group (ORWG) and the Transmission Working Group (TWG).

The group received the 2019 and 2020 integrated transmission plan (ITP) quarterly report and updates from SPP staff on North American Reliability Corporation (NERC) and North American Energy Standards Board activities, Regional State Committee and Organization of MISO States Liaison Committee efforts, the settlement system delay, Z2 update and SPP compliance activities.

April meeting summaries


The BPWG reviewed RR 354 (Acceptable Credit for Sponsored Upgrades). Initially, the BPWG planned to approve the business practice section of the revision request, contingent upon approval by the RTWG. The group decided to postpone any approval decision until after the RTWG has reviewed and approved RR 354.


The CWG discussed upcoming markets, settlements, transmission congestion rights and engineering data submission tool releases. The group reviewed updates on the control room operations window, reliability communications tool and changes to the replicated data server.


The MWG approved RR 356 (Market and Settlements Protocol Language Clean-up) and reviewed RR 358 (Schedule 1-A Revisions) and RR 359 (NDVER to DVER Conversion Compliance). The MWG discussed the market initiatives ramp product and decommitment. Other topics discussed are detailed in the MWG minutes posted on


The MDWG discussed software enhancements, upgrades and testing for the engineering data submission tool, model on demand and Power System Simulator for Engineers version change in preparation for the 2020 MDWG and 2021 ITP model builds. The group discussed additional clarification of generator interconnection agreement milestones for MOD-032 data submissions.


The SPCWG discussed regional under-frequency load shedding, which is a regional five-year study to be completed in July. The group approved a study scope change to correct an error in section 2.1.1: the correct season to be evaluated is the 2019 summer peak case. The study scope has been updated to reflect the change.

The group worked to update the master special protection scheme list, which contains a listing and summary of all remedial action schemes (RAS) within SPP’s footprint. It was determined that the description of the Rapid City DC tie remedial action scheme was outdated and the SPCWG approved updated language. This has prompted the SPCWG to review other RAS to ensure they are accurate.

The SPCWG reviewed a draft of the RAS review process document that will make SPP compliant with the new PRC-012-2 standards, effective January 2021. PRC-012-2 is a NERC standard for RAS and ensures than a RAS does not introduce unintentional or unacceptable reliability risks to the bulk electric system. The group plans to review a final version of the document at their July meeting.

The group is working with the Electric Power Research Institute to develop tools to support requirements in PRC-004, a NERC standard for protection system misoperation identification and correction. The group is working on a protection setting evaluation tool that will assist in protection system coordination verification and fault analysis for PRC-027, a NERC standard for coordination of protection system performance during faults.

The SPCWG continues work on a paper on protection concerns when an interconnection substation is not installed to allow independent power producer connection. The group is working with SPP staff to investigate whether current SPP governing language has provisions to limit these types of interconnections and will share the final version of the paper with the TWG when complete.

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