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A monthly summary of organizational group activities

HITT Updates

In August, the Market Working Group (MWG) discussed three recommendations of the Holistic Integrated Tariff Team (HITT):

  • M2 – Study offer requirements for variable resources – MWG discussed variable resources in the day-ahead market.
  • R4 – Uncertainty product analysis
  • S3 – Create energy storage white paper – MWG discussed hybrid resource modeling and invoice transmission service for electric storage resource transmission facilities.

As of Aug. 1, 2020, the board has approved eight of the 21 recommendations from the HITT report. At the July meeting, the Markets and Operations Policy Committee (MOPC) directed the Market Working Group (MWG) to begin working on R2 – ERS/ORS Compensation Model.


Revision Request (RR) Updates

Organizational groups addressed the following revision requests (RR):

  • RR 385 (ILTCR Modification) – withdrawn by submitter
  • RR 413 (Schedule 1-A Addendum 1: Formula Rate) – clarified by Finance Committee
  • RR 414 (Default Reliability Buffers to Mitigate SOL Exceedances) – rejected by MWG. The MWG will discuss RR 414 with the ORWG.
  • RR 420 (Fast-Start Order Compliance) - approved by MWG
  • RR 421 (Compliance Order Docket ER19-460-005: Order 841 (RR323 Energy Storage Compliance)) – approved by MWG

Western groups addressed the following Western Energy Services RR (WRR)

  • WRR 7 (WEIS Supply Adequacy, Issue 3) – approved by Western Markets Executive Committee (WMEC)
  • WRR 9 (WEIS Demand Response) – approved by WMEC
  • WRR 8 (WEIS Marginal Losses, Issue 4) – SPP Comments 082420 approved by WMEC


Directors and Members

Board of Directors and Members Committee

No meeting in August  |  BOD/MC Meeting Materials

The board will hold the SPP’s Annual Meeting of Members and Board of Directors and Members Committee Meeting by net conference Oct. 27, 2020. Register here.

Corporate Governance Committee (CGC)

No meeting in August  |  CGC Meeting Materials

Action items: The CGC met Sept. 2, 2020, to discuss election procedures, bylaws, committee member terms and nominees. The CGC will meet again Nov. 12, 2020.

Finance Committee (FC)

Aug. 7, 2020  |  FC Meeting Materials

SPP staff presented RR 413 and a clarification request from the Regional Tariff Working Group. The committee clarified that the net financial impact of contract services will be netted against corporate overhead for ratemaking. Net revenue requirements will include the impact of prior period recoveries to determine budget compliance with the rate cap in Schedule 1A of the tariff.

Action items: Staff will prepare models of the potential financial impact of funding the majority of capital expenditures through revenues in a given year. The committee will meet Oct. 12, 2020.

Human Resources Committee (HRC)

No meeting in August  |  HRC Meeting Materials

Action items: The Human Resources Committee will meet again Oct. 26, 2020.

Oversight Committee (OC)

No meeting in August |  OC Meeting Materials

Action items: Staff will draft a modification to the OC scope and include physical security agenda briefings at future meetings. The committee will meet in executive session Oct. 26, 2020.

Strategic Planning Committee (SPC)

Aug. 31, 2020  |  SPC Meeting Materials

The SPC held a future planning challenges educational session. This session reviewed the SPP planning processes for future improvements. The SPC will hold a second educational session Sept. 16, 2020, on the HITT M1 initiative.

Roster changes: After many years of service, Les Evans (Kansas Electric Power Cooperative) retired from the SPC in August.

Action items: In September, the SPC will hold its annual retreat to review SPP’s mission, vision and value proposition and hold an educational session on HITT M1. 


Markets and Operations 

Markets and Operations Policy Committee (MOPC)

Aug. 12, 2020  |  MOPC Meeting Materials

The MOPC heard a briefing from the Network Resource Interconnection Service (NRIS), Energy Resource Interconnection Service (ERIS) and Deliverability Task Force (NEDTF) that previewed 13 draft recommendations for NRIS/ERIS policies, including replacement of NRIS with the capacity resource interconnection service (CRIS).

Action items: The NEDTF will finalize its white paper and coordinate with working groups to present final recommendations to MOPC at its Oct. 13-14 meeting. Register here

Change Working Group (CWG)

Aug. 20, 2020  |  CWG Meeting Materials

The CWG discussed upcoming markets, settlements and engineering data submission tool releases. The group also discussed the scope for converting the Change Working Group (CWG) to the Change Users Forum (CUF) as part of the MOPC working group restructure effort.

Action items: The CWG will meet again Sept. 17, 2020.

Economic Studies Working Group (ESWG)

Aug. 27, 2020  |  ESWG Meeting Materials

The ESWG met to discuss the 2021 Integrated Transmission Plan (ITP) action on wind siting and utility solar plan exceptions. The group heard presentations on the 2022 ITP and 20-year assessment futures development from SPP staff and SPP’s Market Monitoring Unit (MMU).

Action items: The ESWG will meet from Sept. 2-3, to discuss 2020, 2021 and 2022 ITPs with planned action on RR 416. The group will hold its next meeting for Sept. 24.

Generator Outage Task Force (GOTF)

Aug. 10, 2020  |  GOTF Meeting Materials

The GOTF discussed a proposal for changes to the SPP Outage Coordination Methodology regarding generator outage request priority types and cause codes and the value of a seasonal maintenance survey. Staff presented on economic outage coordination related to HITT M4.

Action items: The GOTF continues to work on the white paper to present to MOPC detailing the group’s work and findings.

Model Development Working Group (MDWG)

Aug. 13, 2020  |  MDWG Meeting Materials

The MDWG received updates from the dispatch, dynamics, powerflow and short circuit focus groups. The group discussed the 2020 series MDWG dynamics, 2021 series MDWG powerflow and short circuit model build and total model reduction efforts. The MDWG heard updates on MOD-032 Standard Authorization Request (SAR) Drafting Team Update and the MOPC reorganization.

Roster updates: The group elected Jeremy Harris (Evergy) as vice-chair of MDWG.

Action items: The MDWG will meet in September to discuss the current model build, manual revisions, focus group structure and Engineering Data Submission Tool enhancement review.

Market Working Group (MWG)

Aug. 5, 2020 and Aug. 18-19, 2020  |  MWG Meeting Materials

The MWG reviewed each of the HITT M1 proposals it had discussed to-date and prepared to hand off the recommendation to the Strategic Planning Committee. The group approved two Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) compliance revision requests: RR 420 and RR 421. The MWG also approved the 2019-2020 Violation Relaxation Limit Analysis and discussed HITT initiatives S3, R4 and M2. The MWG rejected RR 414 and will discuss it with the ORWG. RR 385 was withdrawn by its submitter.

Action items: The MWG requested comments on RR 414 by Aug. 21. Staff sent additional information on HITT E2 – Modeling and controlling ESR hybrid configurations before an Aug. 26 vote by email. The group will provide additional policy questions for consideration with HITT S3 – Tx7 before the Sept. 15 MWG meeting.

Operations Training Working Grou (OTWG)

July 29-30, 2020  |  OTWG Meeting Materials

The OTWG prepared for its transition to the Operations Training User Group (OTUG) as part of the MOPC reorganization. The group reviewed the proposed 2021 training calendar and received updates on Marketplace, reliability and eLearning training initiatives. The OTWG developed topics for 2022 System Operations Conferences (SOC). Members discussed the initial outlines from each sub-group and received guidance on developing objectives for each topic.

Action items: The OTWG will meet on Sept. 10, 2020, to present draft objectives for SOC topics. SPP staff will facilitate training surveys and a vote on a sixth 2021 SOC conference host.

Security Working Group (SECWG)

No meeting in August  |  SECWG Meeting Materials

Action items: The SECWG’s next meeting is Sept. 22, 2020. Topics will include physical and cyber tools, current security threats and discussions on security policies and best practices.

System Protection and Control Working Group (SPCWG)

No meeting in August  |  SPCWG Meeting Materials

Action items: SPP staff will organize an ad hoc meeting on Thunderhead RAS before the October 2020 SPCWG meeting.


Regional State Committee

Regional State Committee (RSC)

No meeting in August  |  RSC Meeting Materials

Action items: The RSC will hold an education session and its regular meeting Oct. 16, 2020.


Western Region

Enhanced Curtailment Calculator Working Group (ECCWG)

No meeting in August  |  ECCWG Meeting Materials

Action items: The ECCWG will meet again Sept. 21, 2020.

Qualified Owners and Operators (QOO)

Aug. 4, 2020  |  QOO Meeting Materials

The QOO discussed current and future open positions, heard updates on payments received for payment year 25 and the development of an operations and maintenance (O&M) task force.

Action items: The QOO will reach out to NV Energy for a new QOO representative and is seeking a volunteer to serve as vice-chair. Staff will draft a mission statement and schedule the first meeting for the O&M task force. The QOO’s next meeting is Sept. 24, 2020.

Western Markets Working Group (WMWG)

Aug. 26 and 28, 2020 (WMEC & WMWG Joint Meetings)   |  WMEC Meeting Materials

Over the course of two joint net conferences, the WMEC and Western Markets Working Group (WMWG) unanimously approved two WRRs and one set of WRR comments: WRR 7 (WEIS Supply Adequacy, Issue 3), WRR 9 (WEIS Demand Response) and WRR 8 (WEIS Marginal Losses, Issue 4) SPP Comments 082420.

Action items: After discussion, the group postponed WRR 6 (WEIS Transmission Availability, Issue 1) SPP Comments 082720 for consideration at a future joint meeting.

Western Markets Working Group (WMWG)

Aug. 20, 2020   |  WMWG Meeting Materials

The WMWG approved two WRRs and one set of WRR comments: WRR 4 (WEIS URD Tolerance Correction), WRR 5 (Pivotal Supplier Mitigation), and WRR 2 (WEIS Market and System Change Process Clarification) WMWG Comments 072020. SPP staff discussed FERC’s rejection of the WEIS Tariff, the western joint dispatch agreement, and the WMEC scope. The SPP Market Monitoring Unit (MMU) presented the MMU Market Power Study.

Western Reliability Working Group (WRWG)

No meeting in August  |  WRWG Meeting Materials

Action items: The WRWG will meet Sept. 29, for a Monitored Element Methodology Strike Team update and to discuss geomagnetic disturbance notifications and expected actions.


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