Org Report

The Org Report: January 2020

A monthly summary of organizational group activities.

December Meeting Summaries

Balancing Authority operating committee (BAOC): Dec. 9

The BAOC discussed RR 386 (BAOC Consolidation-Membership Update) with the Operating Reliability Working Group (ORWG) and the Reliability Compliance Working Group (RCWG). This revision request facilitates the consolidation of the BAOC with the ORWG. It is unnecessary to require alternate members as defined in 18.4. Instead, membership requirements can be facilitated through the existing membership of the ORWG. The definition of the Balancing Authority Operating Committee, as defined in Section 2.31, will require an update.

Change Working Group (CWG): Dec. 19

The CWG discussed upcoming markets, settlements, control-room operations window and marketplace portal releases. The group received an update on customer training and revision requests that are in progress.

Economic Studies Working Group (ESWG): Dec. 11-12

The ESWG approved the 2021 Integrated Transmission Plan (ITP) Assessment Scope. The group approved RR 392 (ITP Manual Modeling and Process Waiver updates), RR 395 (ITP Manual Natural Gas Price Forecast Methodology), RR 396 (ITP Manual Sensitivity Scoping during Futures Development) and approved migration to PROMOD HD at an appropriate pace for use in ITP assessments.

Reliability Compliance Working Group (RCWG): Dec. 9

The RCWG reviewed and approved RR 387 (RTBM Execution), RR 386 (BAOC Consolidation), RR 392 (ITP Manual Modeling Process Waiver) and RR 389 (Testing Exception for de-rated generating units). The group reviewed RR 393 during the meeting, and it was approved during an email vote Dec. 26.

The RCWG reviewed updates on RR 391 (Uniform Local Planning Criteria, The Generator Testing Task Force) and the winter readiness survey.

Security Working Group (SECWG): Dec. 17

The SECWG discussed regional committee updates and 2020 SECWG goals and meeting topics. Phil Clark (AECC) will serve as chair replacing Eric Ervin (Evergy), who served multiple terms as SECWG chair. Chad Wasinger (Sunflower) will replace Mr. Clark as vice chair.

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