Org Report

The Org Report: October 2019

A monthly summary of organizational group activities.

October Meeting Summaries

Change Working Group (CWG): Sept. 19

The CWG discussed upcoming markets, settlements and transmission congestion rights releases. The group received updates on user authentication and authorization and marketplace portal, market monitoring portal, power systems simulator for engineering export, real-time contingency analysis export and the identical transmission-service-request update.

Model Development Working Group (MDWG): Sept. 11

The MDWG discussed manual approval of the 2020 series model set. The updated manual aligns with current day model-building practices and adds clarifying language for generators as part of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation MOD-032-1 standard. The group reviewed the Market and Operational Policy Committee Holistic Integrated Tariff Team report and recommendations for possible impacts to SPP planning model development efforts. The MDWG reviewed the Integrated Transmission Planning (ITP) quarterly report card, which provides updates for 2019, 2020 and 2021 ITP projects.

Market Working Group (MWG): Sept. 17-18

The MWG approved RR 380 (OOME Calculation Correction) and RR 375 (FERC Order on Fast-Start Pricing Impact Analysis). The MWG discussed the transmission congestion rights counter-flow optimization whitepaper, generation assessment process and the SPP strategic initiatives roadmap. Other topics discussed are detailed in the MWG minutes posted on

Operations Training Working Group (OTWG): Sept. 5

The OTWG finalized the 2020 training calendar and received reports on eLearning development, reliability training and marketplace training. The group discussed the content for the 2020 System Operations Conference. Members continued the discussion of their strategic plan and will finalize outcomes at their next meeting. 

Reliability Compliance Working Group (RCWG): Sept. 23

The RCWG reviewed and approved the appointment of the group’s vice chair, a revision to the RCWG scope, RR 379 (ITP Market Powerflow Peak Hour Selection) and RR 364 (Planning Criteria Cleanup).

Security Working Group (SECWG): Sept. 19

The SECWG held its annual review of SECWG scope and nominated a group member for the open SECWG chair position. The group discussed the end-point monitoring and investigation tool, the identity and access management program and monitoring the grid through visualization.


The WRWG discussed the reserve sharing groups (RSGs) in the west and the related special circumstances within each RSG. SPP presented “a day in life of a SPP West reliability coordinator (RC),” which included scheduled tasks and expected interactions between the RC and balancing authority customers. SPP staff reminded the group about the upcoming shadow operations period, beginning Oct. 7, along with associated tasks that will occur within the two-month period before the December go-live date. The WRWG discussed potential 2020 meeting dates and decided to meet face-to-face on a quarterly basis with conference calls as necessary. 

Upcoming Meetings

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