New Member Integration

New Member Integration

SPP's Strategic Planning Committee oversees a five-stage New Member Integration Process designed to provide transparency during SPP’s negotiations with prospective new members. The process is intended to ensure openness and transparency to the fullest extent possible as SPP facilitates negotiations regarding changes to its governing documents that may be required to accommodate the integration of new members into the RTO. A Members Forum comprises representatives of SPP's membership and provides this group a mechanism through which to receive updates and provide input to the SPC. A State Commissioners Forum does the same for representatives of state commissions in SPP's service territory. Execution of a nondisclosure agreement may be required for participation in some of the forums' activities.

  1. The Initial Discussion phase occurred when the interested western utilities asked SPP to provide information about SPP and its interest in providing RTO membership services in the Western Interconnection.
  2. The Due Diligence and Membership Agreement Discussions phase was initiated in November 2020 when prospective members publicly announced their intent to evaluate membership. This initiates negotiations regarding any potential changes to SPP's governing documents required to accommodate new members' integration into the RTO. At this point in the process, SPP establishes a Members Forum and State Commission Forum which give guidance and assist SPP in performing its due diligence. Participation in these forums may require execution of a confidentiality agreement.
  3. The Tariff and Governing Document Changes Phase occurs when prospective transmission owning members decide to announce results of discussions with SPP publicly. This is considered the second triggering event in the communication process. SPP staff will convene special all-member and stakeholder meetings to present proposed membership terms and analyses conducted.
  4. As appropriate, SPP will then seek the necessary FERC and state approvals.
  5. Finally, the Integration phase occurs when the new members officially join the SPP RTO.

To follow the progression of this process, you may register for meetings or download materials of the Members Forum or State Commissioners Forum.


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