Markets & Operations

SPP's relationships with our members – some of which stretch back decades – are very important to us. Members drive our major decisions and future plans; we work together to ensure the region enjoys a reliable electric supply and economic well-being. SPP's collaborative and evolutionary approach resulted in the successful 2007 implementation of the real-time EIS (Energy Imbalance Service) Market. The EIS Market beat expectations in its first year, with a benefit to the footprint of $103 million – $17 million above initial estimates.

Integrated Marketplace

SPP began developing new energy markets in 2009 to bring additional regional benefit to our members. The Integrated Marketplace launched in 2014 – making SPP the first RTO to design, build and implement a Day 2 market on time – and includes a Day-Ahead Market with Transmission Congestion Rights, a Reliability Unit Commitment process, a Real-Time Balancing Market replacing the EIS Market and the incorporation of price-based Operating Reserve procurement. The Integrated Marketplace also consolidated the SPP footprint's 16 legacy Balancing Authorities into an SPP Balancing Authority.

NOTE: All Integrated Marketplace market data can be found on the Marketplace Portal

Market Monitoring

The Market Monitoring page contains a description of the Market Monitoring responsibilities and periodic reports. The page also includes instructions on submitting a request for inquiry.

Market Prices

Locational Marginal Price (LMP) is the market-clearing price for energy at a given Price Node equivalent to the marginal cost of serving demand at the Price Node, while meeting SPP Operating Reserve requirements. It is calculated using a Security Constrained Economic Dispatch (SCED) and is the price to provide the least-cost incremental unit of energy at a specific location, while also considering congestion and losses. 

Market-Related Organizational Groups

Change Working Group
Market Working Group
Market and Operations Policy Committee
Settlement User Group

Oasis Node

Go to SPP's Oasis Node to request transmission service, obtain real-time transmission system information and learn more about SPP's business practices and tariff.

OPS1 Secure Portal

The OPS1 Secure Portal is a site used for transfer of data and information between SPP's members and SPP staff. Contained here are near real-time reliability and market reports, technical applications for submitting data to SPP and other system information.

Outage Coordination

SPP's Outage Coordination page contains information about and links to SPP's transmission and generation outage scheduling system.

Power Contracts Bulletin Board

The Power Contracts Bulletin Board facilitates power contracting activity for a large pool of buyers and sellers of contracts for electric power. The application is sponsored by the ISO/RTO Council, of which SPP is a member.