Stakeholder Center

The SPP Stakeholder Center includes descriptions and quick access to our ComplianceCustomer Relations, Customer Training, and Stakeholder Prioritization webpages. You’re just a click away from outstanding educational opportunities offered by our Customer Training department, exceptional customer care from our Customer Relations department, direct support from our Compliance department, and mechanisms through which stakeholders may provide valuable feedback regarding the prioritization of SPP's work.

Click on the Compliance link to register for SPP Quarterly Compliance Forums, evidence reviews and general compliance support. Access the Customer Relations link to submit an inquiry through the Request Management System or to learn more about SPP and how to become a member. From the Customer Training link, you can enroll in educational opportunities from the SPP Learning Center. The Stakeholder Prioritization page explains the process by which our stakeholders provide input regarding the prioritization of SPP’s projects and enhancement and revision requests.

Please take advantage of the services we offer to our Members and Market Participants. Our service leadership is unparalleled in the industry.

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