SPP Roadmap

The annual SPP Roadmap Development Process (roadmap) facilitates the identification, education, ranking and approval of initiatives through coordination and collaboration between SPP stakeholders and staff. Through this process, stakeholders and staff will assess new and existing initiatives to ensure SPP is working toward fulfilling the greatest areas of need for future growth and enhancement over the next two to five years, considering both economics and reliability. 

The roadmap process fosters SPP’s value propositions, core values and culture drivers, and ensures the foundational strategies of SPP’s Strategic Plan are driving roadmap initiative development and implementation. Annually, through this process, stakeholders are given the opportunity to select and prioritize initiatives for design development over the upcoming two to five year timeframe. This opportunity increases stakeholder ownership in initiatives through deeper levels of transparency and collaboration. Efficiencies are gained internally to SPP in budgeting, project management, cross-departmental resource planning and teamwork due to the proactive planning and development of initiatives and alignment of work across SPP and stakeholder organizational groups.

An initiative that satisfies two or more of the following criteria should be included in the SPP Roadmap. These criteria will be reviewed annually to ensure alignment with SPP’s Strategic Plan and scope of the roadmap process. The 2019/2020 roadmap scope covers the markets area only.

  • Aligns with SPP’s Strategic Plan
  • New governing document language that results in more than a correction or clarification
  • Member-impacting changes
  • Required to correct a market inefficiency or gaming opportunity
  • FERC action or involves a NERC standard
  • Requires additional FTEs to manage in production
  • Requires member-facing or impacting system changes
  • Impacts long-term reliability
  • Changes business functions or processes

The annual roadmap process is owned and maintained by SPP staff. Changes to the process will be discussed with stakeholders on an annual basis during the process training session each October/November. 

Roadmap initiative submission and initiative comment forms are located in the Related Documents section in the sidebar. Completed forms should be submitted to the SPP Request Management System (RMS).

Roadmap initiatives are located in the Roadmap Initiative folder. 

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