SPP Engineering is responsible for developing SPP's regional transmission-expansion plans; directing and monitoring construction of approved transmission-expansion projects; administering SPP's generator interconnection and long-term transmission services; and performing the Planning Coordinator function in accordance with North American Electric Reliability Corporation reliability standards. 

Helpful Links

Transmission Owner Selection Process (formerly Order 1000) home page

SPP Transmission Planning Page

SPP Request Management System (SPP RMS) is the preferred method for inquiries and data submissions.  Click on this link and then “Register Now” if you are not already registered.

Quick Picks to use in SPP RMS:

  • GlobalScape Access Request” Quick Pick for access to GlobalScape for models
  • ITP-Project Inquiry” Quick Pick for questions/comments regarding projects
  • ITP-Modeling Inquiry” Quick Pick for input regarding modeling
  • ITP-DPP Submittal” Quick Pick for DPP submissions
  • ITP-Data Submission” Quick Pick for responses to ITP data requests and surveys from SPP