Resource Adequacy

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In the SPP Balancing Authority Area, Load Responsible Entities, as defined in Attachment AA of the SPP OATT, are the responsible entities for resource adequacy.

SPP’s goal is to support the achievement of resource adequacy by ensuring there is enough capacity available to meet the needs of all end-use customers in SPP. SPP staff and the Supply Adequacy Working Group (SAWG) are responsible for the development and implementation of policies and processes to ensure the reliable supply of capacity necessary to meet demand and supply adequacy requirements/methodologies in SPP. In addition, SPP staff and the SAWG are responsible for ensuring that these processes and policies meet the compliance obligations of NERC Reliability Standards.

July 1

  • Notification of commencement for the upcoming summer season resource adequacy process

Oct. 1

  • Notification of the workbook posting and deadline to submit the completed workbook

Feb. 15

  • Workbook due from the market participants, or LREs, and participating generator owners

May 15

  • Deadline for LRE(s) to cure any deficiency

June 15

  • SPP will post its final report on the status of each LRE's compliance with the resource adequacy requirement for the upcoming summer season and whether the respective market participant is subject to the deficiency payment

June 30

  • SPP will calculate and assess any deficiency payment(s) in accordance with the provisions of Attachment AA

Questions or comments regarding SPP’s Resource Adequacy process should be sent through the SPP Request Management System