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SPP stakeholder relations supports prospective and current members and coordinates the onboarding of market participants (MP), transmission customers (TC) and transmission owners (TO). It is important to note that each role offers specific rights and responsibilities, and some prospective stakeholders may find it valuable to register as multiple roles. SPP will always provide the best in industry service to all stakeholders. Please see the following information on each role and their prospective registrations process, below: 


Entitles your company to voting privileges and decision-making rights as a participant in select organizational groups. Membership may be stand-alone or in conjunction with other registration types. There are no specific registration deadlines or timelines for membership alone.

  • Voting rights: Markets and Operations Policy Committee and Membership Committee
  • Annual fee
  • Withdrawal obligation (exit fee)

Market Participant - Asset Owner (see registration timeline below):

An asset owner with load and/or generation physically or pseudo-tied within the SPP balancing authority.

  • Direct ICCP connection required, either MP or through third party.
  • Meter data required
  • Virtual market participation
  • Bilateral settlement schedules capability

Market Participant - Financial Only (see registration timeline below):

A non-asset owner who wants to participate in our markets through virtual energy offers, virtual energy bids, TCR auctions and/or bilateral settlement schedules.

  • Virtual market participation
  • Bilateral settlement schedules capability

Transmission Customer (45-day process, submit by 15th of each month):

Transmission customer status allows an entity to do business with SPP on the Open Access Same-Time Information System. A calendar of auctions can be found here

  • TCR market participation starting the month after implementation date
  • Tagging/scheduling capability

Transmission Owner (6+ month process, independent timeline):

Entity that owns/maintains transmission facilities, each member who facilitates (whole or in part) make up the transmission system and had executed a membership agreement as a TO. TOs that are not regulated by the commission shall not become subject to commission regulation by virtue of their status as TOs under this tariff, provided that service over their facilities classified as transmission and covered by the tariff shall be subject to commission regulation.

  • Owns/maintains transmission facilities in SPP
  • Must also be a member of SPP

Meter Agent (4 month process):

Entity providing meter for a registered asset.

  • Submit meter data via XML file

Ready to Join SPP?

Membership Registration Process:

  • Read and complete the membership agreement and contact sheet.
  • Return the signed agreement page, contact sheet and membership fee to:
    Southwest Power Pool
    Attn: Don Martin
    201 Worthen Drive
    Little Rock, AR 72223
  • SPP reviews the documentation and processes the payment.
  • The stakeholder relations manager will send a welcome letter to the individual who signed the Membership Agreement for your company.
  • For additional inquiries, please contact:
    Don Martin
    Manager, Stakeholder Relations (501) 614-3309

Market Participant, Transmission Customer and Transmission Owner Registration Process:

SPP registers market participants three times a year per our protocols. See the registration timelines below:

Asset Owning


Financial Only






Feb. 1

Aug. 1


April 1

Aug. 1

June 1

Dec. 1


Aug. 1

Dec. 1

Oct. 1

April 1


Dec. 1

April 1

Please note that SPP encourages all potential market participants to submit their documentation two weeks in advance of the registration deadline to allow enough time for credit review/approval and any necessary communication and/or additional documentation. Market participants must be credit APPROVED by the registration deadline to proceed.

  • Complete required documentation. 
    • Credit Documents:
      • SPP Bank Information Request Form - Payments from SPP (required)
      • ACH Draft (Debit) Authorization Form - Authorize auto debit payment to SPP (optional)
      • Appendix A – Credit Application
      • Appendix B – Credit and Security Agreement
      • Appendix E of Attachment X - Officer Certification Compliance Letter
      • One of the following to meet minimum participation requirements, based on Section of the credit policy:
        • Appendix C – Form of Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit
        • Appendix D – Guaranty Forms
        • Cash and W9
    • Legal Documents:
      • Attachment AH - Market Participant Agreement (ALL MPs will need to complete this form)
      • Attachment AM – Meter Agent Agreement (Asset Owning MPs only)
    • LSA Form – Local Security Administrator (Corporate representative should be a member of the company who can determine a resource who will have the responsibility of granting access to the SPP Market Portals and approving RMS users to be added to their organization)
  • RMS Account Set Up
    • Navigate to and click "Register Now"
    • Complete the  information on the “Create my Account” Screen:
      • Login Name: Your email address is recommended
      • Be sure to include your phone number and email address
      • Click Create My Account
  • Submit RMS Request
    • Click the Submit Request: (left hand corner in the gray column)
    • Under Request Template: use Initiate a Customer Registration Action
    • Under Subtypes: use Customer Registration and Onboarding
    • Fill in the following then click Submit Request:
      • Full Description: Provide information about what roles your company would like
  • Add required documentation to your ticket
    • At the top of the page you will see in GREEN writing that your ticket was successfully submitted. Click the request number to retrieve your request.
    • Next to the “View Request #xxxxx” at the top of the request, there will be a paperclip icon. Clicking on this icon will open a box that you may drag and drop as many files as you would like. You also have the option to download or delete attachments in this window. Click the red X in the corner to close when complete.
    • Alternatively, on the left side of the screen in the gray bar, click ATTACHMENTS.
    • Click the browse button and choose your first three documents. Click SAVE.
    • Repeat the previous steps until you have added all required documents.
    • Click the update button on the View Request screen once all attachments have been saved.