Market Monitoring

The latest annual and quarterly Market-related reports can be found in the related documents.

SPP's Market Monitor is responsible for monitoring SPP's Markets and services. The group's primary purpose is to ensure SPP's markets are efficient and fair. Specific duties include:

  • Obtaining objective information about SPP's markets and services
  • Assessing the behavior of Market Participants (MPs)
  • Assessing the behavior of other markets and services that impact SPP

The Market Monitor is also responsible for detecting structural problems and design flaws in the operating rules, standards, procedures and practices in SPP markets. It assesses the mechanism that governs the transmission markets independently or as a result of complaints or requests for an inquiry.

The SPP Board of Directors Oversight Committee has adopted a statement on the Market Monitoring Unit's (MMU) independence. The statement addresses the need for and the reporting structure to ensure the MMU is independent of the RTO. Read the full statement.

Contacting the Market Monitoring Unit

There are several ways you can contact the Market Monitoring Unit.

  • Phone us at (501) 366-8282 (available 24/7)
  • Email us at
  • Or write to us at Attention: Market Monitoring, 201 Worthen Drive, Little Rock, AR 72223.

Complaints or Requests for an Inquiry

An MP or interested government agency may submit a complaint or request for an inquiry. The Market Monitors shall keep the identity of the requestor confidential and shall keep the existence of any inquiry conducted confidential from all uninvolved parties and from involved parties, other than the requesting party, to the extent practicable. Inquiry Instructions.

The Market Monitors, or if appropriate the SPP Board of Directors, will determine if an inquiry is warranted and if any action is required as a result of an inquiry.

Questions regarding Market Monitoring? Contact