Transmission Planning


As a FERC-designated Regional Transmission Organization, one of SPP's responsibilities is to create regional transmission expansion plans. With its members, regulators and stakeholders, SPP creates planning models and studies that determine what new transmission is needed to meet our region's long- and near-term needs and create a cost-effective, flexible and robust transmission network. SPP does not own or build transmission, though its Open Access Transmission Tariff contains rules that govern transmission planning.

The electric grid is in use every second of every day. The benefits of added transmission are not just long-term, but instantaneous. A well-planned and strong electric grid improves reliability minute-to-minute, optimizes long-term economic benefits, and helps meet public policy goals.

Please submit questions and written comments on the transmission-owner-specific local plans and criteria via RMS through the “ITP Submittal > Data Submittal” Request Template.