SPP-MISO Joint Targeted Interconnection Queue (JTIQ) Study

Link: March 4, 2022 release announcing completion of SPP-MISO JTIQ Study

The MISO-SPP Joint Targeted Interconnection Queue (JTIQ) Study originated in 2020. Through collaboration between the SPP and MISO  Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs), the study identifies transmission projects required to address the significant transmission limitations restricting the opportunity to interconnect new generating resources near the SPP-MISO seam.

The study identified a seven-project JTIQ Portfolio with a planning level estimated cost of $1.65 billion. The recommended JTIQ Portfolio is expected to fully address the set of transmission constraints evaluated in the JTIQ Study as being significant barriers to the development of new generation along the SPP-MISO seam. In addition to these substantial reliability benefits, economic analysis conducted by the RTOs show customers can anticipate an Adjusted Production Cost (APC) benefit of $724 million in the MISO footprint and $247 million in the SPP region.

Further, the JTIQ Study portfolio would allow an increase in generator connections. A range of between 28 GW and 53 GW of improved interregional generation enablement would be available to new generator interconnection projects near the seam.

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