WEIS Revision Requests

A Western Energy Imbalance Service Market (WEIS) Revision Request is any request to make additions, deletions or changes to SPP WEIS Market documents and their attachments, unless noted otherwise within the documents, or any request to propose enhancements or revisions to systems or processes used by SPP and WEIS Market Participants is governed by the SPP WEIS Revision Request Process outlined in this document. The SPP WEIS Markets documents subject to this procedure will be referred to as the “SPP WEIS Revision Request Process Documents.” The SPP WEIS Revision Request Process Documents are documents established by SPP or SPP Western Markets Executive Committee (WMEC) organizational groups that may impact WEIS Market operations or have a compliance or financial impact on WEIS Market Participants. 

The SPP WEIS Revision Request Process Documents are as follows:

  • SPP WEIS Tariff
  • SPP WEIS Market Protocols
  • SPP WEIS Business Practices

Unless specifically provided in other sections of these documents, all changes shall follow the WEIS Revision Request Process. 

WEIS Revision Request and Revision Request Comment Forms are located in the Related Documents section in the sidebar of the page. Completed forms should be submitted to the SPP Request Management System (RMS). For guidelines on submitting WEIS revision requests or comments, please refer to the "FAQs – WEIS Revision Request Process" located in the WEIS Revision Request Process folder.

RRs now in the approval process or already approved are located in the Revision Requests folder.