Transmission Owner Selection Process: Request for Proposals (RFPs)

In compliance with FERC Order 1000, SPP is required to designate a Transmission Owner in accordance with the Transmission Owner Selection Process (TOSP) in Section III of Attachment Y of the SPP Tariff to construct any transmission facilities approved for construction by SPP after Jan. 1, 2015, that meets the criteria for a Competitive Upgrade in the tariff's Section 1 of Attachment Y. The TOSP requires SPP to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) for proposals from qualified applicants to construct, own, operate or maintain a Competitive Upgrade.

To submit a response to the RFP, any qualified applicant(s) must provide a completed RFP Proposal, including all supporting documentation and required deposit by the deadline detailed in each RFP.

In order for a Qualified RFP Participant (QRP) to obtain the interconnection requirements information related to a specific RFP issued by SPP staff, each QRP must obtain access to GlobalScape by providing SPP with a signed confidentiality agreement. Send the completed form(s) or requests for additional information via SPP's Request Management System. After the executed confidentiality agreement is received, an account will be created for the requesting QRP on SPP’s file sharing website, GlobalScape. An email with instructions for logging on will be sent to the requesting QRP. Each QRP will be notified via email from SPP staff the exact folder location on GlobalScape where the information is located.

RFP Timetable to Include:

RFP Issue Date: The date the RFP is issued by the Transmission Provider (RFP Response Window begins from this date).

Pre-Response Meeting: An open informational question-and-answer meeting that allows QRPs and other interested parties to ask questions and receive feedback prior to submitting an RFP proposal. The time and date of this meeting will be available on the SPP website.

Questions Deadline: Questions may be submitted up to 30 days prior to the end of the RFP Response Window. SPP will no longer accept questions related to an issued RFP following this date.

Notice of Intent to Submit RFP Response: A non-binding notice provided to SPP by RFP Respondent(s) to assist SPP in managing the process.

RFP Proposal/Deposit Deadline: The date and time all RFP proposal information, supporting documents and deposits are to be submitted to SPP.

For additional information related to RFPs, see SPP Business Practice 7700.