Transmission Owner Selection Process: Industry Expert Panel (IEP)

To comply with Order 1000, SPP will create a pool of industry experts that will review, rank and score proposal responses for certain transmission projects that are approved or endorsed for construction pursuant to Section III of Attachment Y of the SPP Tariff. 

The industry expert candidate application forms are located under related documents in the sidebar of this page.

Industry Expert Pool: A group of industry experts recommended to the SPP board of directors by the SPP Oversight Committee.

Industry Expert Panel: The SPP Oversight Committee selects a three-to-five person group of industry experts from the industry expert pool. The panel is engaged to review and evaluate proposals submitted in response to the Transmission Owner Selection RFP. Panels will be selected after a board-approved project is deemed to be competitive, a process that began in January 2015.

Industry expert pool candidates shall have documented expertise on file with the Transmission Provider in one or more of the following areas:

1. Electric transmission engineering design
2. Electric transmission project management and construction
3. Electric transmission operations
4. Electric transmission rate design and analysis
5. Electric transmission finance

Applications for the 2024 industry expert pool will be accepted between Jan. 1 and March 30, 2024.

Important Dates for Qualification:
Jan. 1, 2024 – Industry expert pool application window begins
March 30, 2024 – Industry expert pool application window closes
April 2024 – Notification of board approval for 2024 industry expert pool